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Functional modules

Electronic Document Interchange

A solution for managing incoming and outgoing document workflow that takes into account the internal procedures of an organization.

Invoice Workflow

A module allowing for managing invoices, their workflow and approval within the organization. Thanks to this solution, the process of managing the organizational finances is significantly improved.

Contract Registry

A module allowing for entering and managing the contracts signed within the organization. It includes advanced search options, as well as a contract validity check module.


A module allowing for automation of processes connected with management of vacations within the organization. It improves the organizational efficiency by means of automatic assignment of replacement.

Project Management

A module allows for planning of activities related to the project management, as well as full control of its execution thanks to the developed reporting functionality.


A module allows for intuitive creation and sharing of employee calendars. The calendar can be managed as a whole, or by means of individual events.

Business Trips

A module allowing for complex management of business trips. It covers all stages of business trip management, from submitting an application to settlement of a business trip expenses.

Resource Booking

A module allowing for effective management of resources available within the organization. It also enables monitoring and reporting the bookings.

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