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Firma 2.0

Firma 2.0 is an application dedicated to small and medium companies

The solution offered in SaaS model is a great alternative to standard Intranet systems, as well as to solutions for electronic document workflow management, which require maintaining the expensive technical infrastructure. As far as Firma 2.0 application is concerned, the only cost is that of a periodic subscription.

Firma 2.0 is a set of modules, functionalities of which allow for increased effectiveness in numerous company areas of activity:

  • documentation and invoice workflow
  • knowledge management
  • vacation planning
  • resource management
  • instructing and communication with employees
  • business process monitoring and reporting


Safety of data stored in the application is achieved by means of the following:

  • Data encryption
    Application security and confidentiality of information and data sent by electronic means is ensured by SSL certificate.
  • Professional Hosting Centre
    Servers hosting the Firma 2.0 application are located in a professional hosting centre. This guarantees the application availability at the level of 99.2%.
  • Backup Copy
    On a daily basis backup copies of data stored in the application, as well as of the application itself are prepared. In order to maximize the level of security, they are stored in an independent hosting centre.
  • Logging
    A unique ID and a password are required to access the system. Passwords are subject to the strict security policy. There are rules specifying minimum number of characters, as well as use of digits, lower and upper case and special characters. In order to increase the level of security, the system prompts for periodic password change.
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