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Logito DMS

The Electronic Document and information Interchange Platform offers a simple search and quick access to letters in the organization. Introduction of electronic version of documentation significantly improves the speed of work, at the same time allowing for flexible document handling.


Firma 2.0 - zarządzanie firmą online

The state-of-the-art web application dedicated to small and medium companies, designed with a view to improve the quality of document workflow, information flow and internal communication. It allows for effective time and employee task management.


LOGITO is an environment we developed for designing and implementation of solutions for management of document workflow, invoice workflow, improving the communication and information flow (Intranet, corporate portal), e-commerce systems, both for B2B, as well as B2C market.

LOGITO consists of tools for business process modelling (workflow), advanced search systems, systems for reporting and monitoring of events occurring in a designed and implemented solution. Moreover, the LOGITO technology includes components supporting electronic signature applications, as well as the integration with external IT systems. At the same time, the technology contains a set of ready-to-use modules that can be used both in the LOGITO Platform and in Firma 2.0 application.

We offer advanced IT solutions for companies and public institutions. Their main functionalities include:

  • Electronic Document Interchange Management
  • Project Management Support
  • Facilitation of information flow inside the organization
  • Optimization of processes in terms of B2B solutions

The solutions we offer are available upon the purchase of a licence (Logito Platform); they can be also accessed by means of the service SaaS model (Firma 2.0).

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerWe strive for offering the best possible service level to our Clients; that is why we continuously grow our software development department. We are proud to possess competences that help us to execute even the most technically complex projects. Recognizing our knowledge and experience, Microsoft awarded us the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner title. This grants us access to resources and technologies, as well as to technical and business support of the Microsoft Corporation.

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