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LOGITO Platform

The main benefit arising from the use of LOGITO platform is regulation of document storage and workflow within the organization. Thanks to the LOGITO Electronic Document Interchange Platform, the Client can control the process and can benefit from its automation, which in turn brings significant time savings. A full process control and employee performance verification are also possible. Last but not least, time for document searching is significantly reduced.

Please bear in mind the following factors:

  • All documents are located in one place, which allows for getting a quick access
  • Effective control of information flow within the company, as well as individual adjustment of workflow to the organizational needs are possible
  • Thanks to the automation, a significant acceleration of all business process can be observed
  • Possibility of easy and automated job assignment for particular departments and workers
  • Lower organizational costs, thanks to significant decrease in necessity to print paper documentation
  • Improved employee performance, thanks to simplified process of information search
  • Full control over document workflow path allowing for verification of process and employee efficiency
  • Risk of document loss is eliminated
  • Shorter invoice and documentation workflow times
  • Cost control, including analysis of the points in which the costs are generated
  • Reduced administrative costs


Safety of data stored in the application is achieved by means of the following:

  • Data encryption
    Application security and confidentiality of information and data stored on the servers is ensured by data encryption.
  • Logging
    A unique ID and a password are required to access the system. Passwords are subject to the strict security policy. There are rules specifying minimum number of characters, as well as use of digits, lower and upper case and special characters. In order to increase the level of security, the system prompts for periodic password change.
  • Limited access
    Depending on the organizational preferences, it is possible to configure the platform in such a way that the access is limited only to the internal organizational network. Active Directory service allows for automatic login to the application.
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