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Functional modules

Electronic Document Interchange

A system allowing for managing the workflow of all documents within an organization, taking into account the internal procedures related to the letter workflow and approval.

Invoice Workflow

Allowing for proper management of invoices, their workflow and approval within the organization. Thanks to this solution, the process of managing the organizational finances is significantly improved.

Contract registry

A module allowing for entering and managing the contracts signed within the organization. It includes advanced search options, as well as a contract validity check module.

Intranet - Information Service

This module allows for activation of company information Intranet. The tools available within the module allow for free configuration of its structure.

Vacation Requests

A module allowing for automation of processes connected with management of vacations within the organization. It improves the organizational efficiency by means of automatic assignment of replacement.

Resource Booking

A module allowing for effective management of resources available within the organization. It also enables monitoring and reporting the bookings.


A module allowing for shared management of employee calendars, as well as for management of sharing both, whole calendars, as well as individual events.


A module allowing the employees of an organization to write an internal blog. Thanks to this, employees can write their own blogs, which may serve for sharing their knowledge or comments.


A module allowing for maintenance and management of electronic business correspondence. This module enables receiving messages directly from the system in which the employees work.

Wiki - Knowledge Base

Using the simple tools, employees can contribute to creation of Intranet knowledge base in a fast and easy way; they can also create areas supporting working on projects for their own purposes.

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