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Logito - Electronic Document Interchange

Client: Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA
Scope of work: Designing and implementation of a dedicated application

The main objective of a project was to increase effectiveness of a customer claim management process and reducing the related costs.  Apart from the designing the structure and mechanism of a Customer Claim Management System, the project covered also evaluation and implementation of an Analytic System. All types of reports that the PGNiN SA is obliged to submit for the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, as well as for the needs of internal customer service quality control are included therein.

Computerization of a customer claim, complaint and application handling process allowed for ensuring the monitoring and level of assigned resource usage. Shortening of the process combined with the limited requirement of preparing paper version of documents allowed for significant cost decrease.

The implementation included also training of over 900 PGNiG employees constantly working with the system. Customer claims, thanks to the system activation, shall be processed much more efficient, and application of a unified system allowed for elimination of non-equal treatment of customers in various divisions.

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